Harrah’s NJ Online Casino Review

Harrah’s NJ Online Casino Review

Harrah’s online casino in New Jersey is one of many different brands available to the state’s residents. As with all New Jersey online casinos, the only requirements include being within the state’s border when playing and being over age 21. Harrah’s is often associated with its other brands, like Caesars. But in this case, it is effectively a standalone option.

Relative to other AC online casinos, game selection and most other features at Harrah’s online are a bit lacking, but there are some good reasons to join. Many players will join to take advantage of the promotions, some of which specifically target regulars at Harrah’s Atlantic City.

Harrah’s Casino NJ sign up bonus

The sign up bonus at Harrah’s online casino is pretty small: 100% up to $300. This is a mere 20 percent of the $1,500 deposit bonus that players are eligible at competitor Betfair. Almost every New Jersey casino offers around $1,000 deposit bonuses for new players, so this $300 figure is lacking.

In addition to the very low total bonus amount, the terms for redemption are also fairly difficult. Playthrough requirements range from 20x the deposit (if playing slots) to 200x the deposit (blackjack and video poker). While not impossible, these are definitely not easy requirements to meet. The bonus is released in $10 increments.

Beyond the sign up deposit bonus, new members at Harrah’s casino are also able to redeem $10 in bonus cash.

Claim $10 free and a 100% bonus up to $300 at Harrah’s


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Editor's Review

It is very clear that Harrah's is hardly the best option when it comes to online gambling in New Jersey. Only a few minutes of effort is required to use the 20 free spin bonus, but the real money bonus is among the worst in the state. There is only marginal value in playing at Harrah's compared to the competition, with most of it being if you are a frequent Harrah's brick and mortar player as well.


Games available at Harrah’s NJ online

The total number of games offered at Harrah’s online casino is quite low. The cumulative number of slots and table games is, amazingly, about 60. Most other online casinos have hundreds of slot machines alone, not even counting the table game choices. If you have a very minor appetite for selection, then Harrah’s will be right up your alley.

There is one positive – some of the site’s slim selection are exclusive games.

Blackjack and roulette are the only table game options at Harrah’s. Yes, you read that right. You won’t be able to play Baccarat, let alone other typical games like Let It Ride. If you play video poker, the only choice is a Jacks or Better variant named “Jacks or Higher.” The difference is that the payouts are worse than traditional Jacks or Better, making the house edge close to two percent.

If you would like to play online poker, Harrah’s works in conjunction with its other brand, WSOP.com. The Harrah’s client itself does not have poker, but you can use the WSOP.com to sign up and begin playing for real money right away.

Harrah’s AC mobile casino

The only thing worse than the full version of Harrah’s casino is the mobile client. Only iOS users will even have the ability to play mobile games, and they will have a very limited selection of games.

It’s even further reduced from the already thin 60 games offered on the full browser version. If you own an Android device, you won’t be able to play at Harrah’s casino in mobile form at all.

VIP and rewards program

If we had to pick one bright spot in Harrah’s online casino, it would be the rewards program. The VIP system, named Total Rewards, is not actually that great for online players, but there is strong crossover between the brick and mortar locations. This unity in rewards programs allows players to more quickly reach higher levels that have more benefits.

The tier levels are:

  • Gold (0-4,999 tier score)
  • Platinum (5,000-14,999)
  • Diamond (15,000-149,999)
  • Seven Stars (150,000+ score, by invite only)

You will earn points the fastest if you play slots and slowest if you play video poker and table games.

Promotions at Harrah’s NJ online

Adding to the list of knocks, the promotional options at Harrah’s online casino are very minimal. There is nothing lost if you join to use the 20 free spins bonus, but the $300 max deposit bonus is not very competitive – although it’s sufficient for low stakes players who would deposit less than that anyway.

With luck, Harrah’s will improve these promotions in the future, and we encourage you to check its homepage to see what is currently available. Things can only go up from here.

The one unique aspect of promotions at Harrah’s is found in the daily deals. Each day a different offer is available. These offers usually revolve around deposit bonuses, free spins, and bonus spins. Slot players will find these offers most attractive.

Harrah’s online NJ deposit and withdrawal options

The deposit and withdrawal methods at Harrah’s are similar to what you will find at all New Jersey online casinos. These options include:

  • ACH
  • Online banking
  • Major credit and debit cards
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe (at 7-Eleven)
  • Cash at cage
  • PayPal (Using balance or bank transfers only)

All these options, with the exception of credit and debit cards, can also be used for withdrawals in various capacities.

Customer support

Customer support is an area Harrah’s NJ thrives. Harrah’s online casino offers 24/7 phone support, something that many other casinos do not have. Live chat is also available on a more limited basis, in addition to standard email support.

Full-time phone support is a notable bonus if you have an issue that you would like to have resolved immediately.

Harrah’s AC casino

harrahs ac

While many frequent visitors to Atlantic City would say that Caesars is the premier Caesars Entertainment (CET) brand in the city, others would argue that it is actually Harrah’s that wins this designation.

Caesars is typically associated with class and luxury, but Harrah’s Atlantic City actually has quite a lot to offer. There are a number of dramatic differences between Harrah’s and the other CET brands within Atlantic City, so your preferences will make the biggest difference in determining which hotel and casino is right for you.

Harrah’s, like Borgata and Golden Nugget, is located off of the Atlantic City boardwalk, adjacent to the bay. While you will still technically be on the water, you will need to make a drive to reach the actual beach area. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and atmosphere of the boardwalk itself, Harrah’s may be right up your alley.

The hotel is very modern in appearance, especially after the many recent renovations it has undergone. In terms of size, Harrah’s is colossal, even by Las Vegas standards. If you want regular table game action, a complete high limit room, or never-ending slots, Harrah’s AC is your best bet for finding the game of your choice.

The casino at Harrah’s AC is second only to Borgata, with Caesars being a close competitor as well. Caesars would be more competitive if it had a cleaner layout, a more controlled atmosphere, and better game selection. The problem with Caesars and other boardwalk casinos is that you will be gathering a lot of the “riff raff” that comes through the doors.

When you are at Harrah’s, however, you will tend to experience an upgrade in clientele. In addition to this, because it is less crowded, Harrah’s is able to offer lower limit games of varied types.

If you go to some casinos in Atlantic City, you will be stuck with $100 high limit minimums and $25 outside table game minimums, while Harrah’s will often times have $50 high limit games and $10 outside games.

The casino is separated into a few different sections, but each of these tends to be fairly similar. Games and game rules are about the same from area to area, but the tables near the center bar tend to get a larger dose of inebriated patrons.

As a result, there is more music being played at the tables surrounding the bars, the atmosphere is best equated to that of a party, and the dealers tend to be trainees. As long as you are patient with your fellow players and dealers (or you are drunk yourself), playing in the party area by the bar should be no issue. We have also seen many of the trainee dealers mispay at a somewhat high rate, so you may even get some free money out of it, but make sure that they aren’t taking away your winning bets at the same time.

Poker room at Harrah’s AC

Today, the poker room at Harrah’s is second only to Borgata. Because of CET’s ownership of the World Series of Poker, the room is themed accordingly, and WSOP circuit events take place here on an annual basis.

The poker room is not excessively large, but it is not small either. There are not frequent high limit games that run here, and the biggest action will usually be $2/$5, which generally only runs on the weekends or other peak days. If you want to play in something bigger, you will need to go to Borgata.

There is a bad beat jackpot offered at Harrah’s that is shared with other CET rooms in the city. A unique dynamic of this is that the prize-pool is shared among all properties when it is hit. If you are playing $1/$2 at Harrah’s and the jackpot is hit at Bally’s, you too will be entitled to a piece of the total jackpot. While this decreases the total haul for the players in the hand itself, it increases your odds of going home with some extra bad beat jackpot earnings.

Other features and amenities

Harrah’s AC is well known for its popular pool. Covered by a dome, the pool can be accessed year round. While many hotels simply have patrons swim or sit poolside, Harrah’s AC actually turns the pool into one of the most popular nightclubs in the country.

Many famous DJs have been known to frequent the Harrah’s pool parties, both as guests and paid hosts. If you are into the club scene, Harrah’s pool parties are worth checking out.

Harrah’s also has some of the best dining options available in the city. From a high-end Mexican and steakhouse fare to a popular burger restaurant, there are plenty of food options. The buffet at Harrah’s is also very popular, with entry lines often times extending down the hallways.

Online casino

Since it is run by the same company, Harrah’s Online Casino is comparable to that of Caesars. You will be able to redeem first-time deposit bonuses, free spins and more when you join the site. Remember that you do not need to be a New Jersey resident to play, but that you do need to be within state lines to gamble, deposit, and redeem your winnings for cash.

Since CET owns the WSOP brand, this is where you will want to play poker online in New Jersey if you are a Total Rewards member. Harrah’s, Caesars and all other brands under the CET umbrella divert to the WSOP.com site.

Great value at Harrah’s AC

Many would argue that Harrah’s is the best overall value when it comes to Atlantic City resorts. The hotel is clean and modern, the casino floor itself is sprawling to say the least, and the dining and entertainment options are plentiful.

Unless your number one prerequisite is proximity to the beach, Harrah’s AC is likely to be one of your best options in Atlantic City, whether for a hotel room, gambling, or both.