Atlantic City Online Craps

Can you play craps at Atlantic City casinos online?

A number of the top Atlantic City’s online casino sites offer craps. The payouts and maximums for various bets may differ between Atlantic City online craps games. However, the game is basically the same.

Which legal online casinos offer craps?

Several, but our top picks include:

All offer a no deposit bonus, meaning you can try playing craps online without making a deposit.

Atlantic City online craps is essentially a dice game played by one or more players. Bets are made on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice.

The first bets are placed on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The shooter rolls the dice on what is known as the Come Out roll. Roll a seven or 11 and all Pass Line bets win. Any two, three or 12 is a crap out and all Pass Line bets lose. Any other number is established as the point. The shooter continues rolling until they hit that point or crap out with a seven.

Once a point is established, players can make odds bets up to the particular game’s maximum allowed. This varies for different Atlantic City online casino craps games. Odds bets are paid at true odds when the point is made. These bets are considered to have the lowest house edge of any bet in a casino. Making the point before rolling a seven also pays out all Pass Line bets.

Before each roll, bets can be placed on various propositions. Bets can also be placed on numbers and groups of numbers. Payout at rates are usually displayed on the table.

Atlantic City online casino craps games use a random number generator. This computer software determine the outcome of each roll. The graphic interface employed mimics the dice roll. This makes the game appear the same as it would inside a land-based casino.

The bets, payouts and maximum odds bets available often differ depending on the Atlantic City online casino site where you are playing.

Seven reasons why you might like playing craps online better than in the casino

Craps is often the loudest, most social and popular games in any land based casino. Atlantic City online casino craps games may not be as noisy, or offer the same social outlet. However, they truly offer the same fun and excitement. In fact, there are a number of reasons why playing craps at an Atlantic City online casino is better than heading out to an Atlantic City land-based Casino. Here are just few:

  1. It literally takes seconds to log in to and Atlantic City online casino and start playing craps. Even if you lived in a hotel room upstairs it would take more time traveling to an Atlantic City casino than it does getting online.
  2. You won’t have to shell out cash for gas or parking to play craps at an Atlantic City online casino.
  3. Computers are faster than human beings. The payouts come faster, it’s easier to place bets and overall gameplay is much speedier online.
  4. The rules on craps vary between the different casinos, particularly in terms of odds bets. Finding an Atlantic City online casinos that offers a craps games appealing to you is an easier proposition than trying to do it in person.
  5. Jumping between Atlantic City online casinos to find a game for you takes a lot less time than traveling around the city itself.
  6. Eliminating the multi-player human element of live craps games means the games play out based on your own luck, not the luck of anybody else at the table.
  7. A craps table can be an intimidating place for beginners. Atlantic City online craps offers beginners the chance to learn at their own pace and take the time to learn the game right.

Is the online version of craps fair?

You won’t be able to pick a new pair of dice or truly effect the outcome of a roll with your own style like you might in a land-based casino. However, the craps games offered at Atlantic City’s online casinos are just as safe and fair.

The state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for licensing and regulating all of Atlantic City’s online casinos. The games and the random number generators they use are subject to testing procedures ensuring fairness.

Plus, your privacy and personal information is protected by encryption software. Atlantic City online craps random number generators ensure the integrity of the game the same way boxmen, base dealers, and stickmen do at land-based casinos.

Atlantic City’s online casinos all operate under the gaming licenses of land-based casino partners in Atlantic City, ensuring an equal level of integrity and fairness.