Borgata Atlantic City Casino Review

Borgata Atlantic City Casino Review

The Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City is widely regarded as the most popular casino on the East Coast.

Though Atlantic City may be nearly a decade removed from its peak, Borgata remains a popular destination, both for locals and visitors alike. Its frequent marquee shows, numerous major poker events, and prime location along the water keep customers coming back.

Borgata is located an hour from Philadelphia. The busiest time of the year for Borgata is during the summer, especially among beach goers, but you will find a packed house on winter weekends as well.

If you want Borgata all to yourself however, you will find the casino largely empty during fall and winter weekdays. Whether you are a hotel guest, gambler, or both, Borgata will have something to offer you.

If you are visiting Atlantic City, take note that Borgata is slightly off the main boardwalk where you will find Caesars, Taj Mahal, Resorts, and other staples, but it is only a few-minute cab ride from anywhere in the city.

The casino at the Borgata

Borgata has a sprawling casino, with a number of different sections. Unlike many Las Vegas casinos today, Borgata offers competitive rules on all of its games. For example, you will find 3-2 blackjack all around the casino, whether you are playing low limit or high limit games.

The only major drawback to blackjack at Borgata is the lack of surrender. Baccarat offers fair rules as well, but the casino will not allow free hands, even if you are playing in the high limit room. This seems like a peculiar rule, especially since competing Atlantic City casinos do offer free hands, especially to high limit patrons.

There is a separate gaming floor that features Asian games exclusively. This area is, fittingly, located right next to the noodle bar. You will find lower limit Baccarat, Mini Baccarat and Pai Gow (with both cards and tiles) games in this section. Many of these tables are closed off during peak hours.

In total, the gaming floor is a colossal 161,000 square feet. There are close to 3,500 slot machines and more than 250 table games included in this space.

The high limit table games are located across from the “B Bar” and are near the center of the casino floor. This section is easily identifiable because it is raised and has steps leading up to the tables themselves. The high limit table games area features private bathrooms and an office for lines of credit and banking. Games in this area usually start at $100 minimums, sometimes higher depending on how busy the casino is.

The high limit slots area is located near the front desk and check-in. It is surrounded by a fence and is somewhat small compared to other high limit slot rooms.

The Borgata poker room

Borgata took Taj Mahal’s title as the premier Atlantic City casino in the mid-2000s. Originally, the poker room was located downstairs where the cafeteria area is now, but it is currently on the main casino floor. If you park at the surface parking lot near the Water Club, you will walk in right at the entrance of the poker room.

During prime hours, you will find more than 30 active poker tables at Borgata. There are a number of different game types and limits available, including everything from mixed games, limit, no limit, and pot limit varieties.

While Borgata is primarily a No-Limit Texas Hold’em room, it is also home to the most limit and mixed games on the East Coast as well. The largest regularly running game tends to be $5/$10 NLHE, but large mixed limit games, up to $300/$600, and sometimes larger, also run, especially during tournament series.

Borgata is known for its seasonal tournament series, including spring, summer, fall, and winter poker opens. The casino also works in conjunction with the World Poker Tour and has major tournaments that are televised and feature multi-million dollar prize pools. These series feature buy-ins ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

In addition to the series that run at Borgata, there are also daily tournaments that offer buy ins in the $100-$200 range. Many of these daily events are suspended when a major series begins.

Other features and amenities

It goes without saying that the major attraction at Borgata, beyond the casino itself, is the hotel. There are now more than 2,800 rooms on site.

Originally there was only one tower at Borgata, but an additional, higher-end tower was built to accommodate even more guests, and it is named The Water Club. The Water Club includes a pool available exclusively to guests in this tower. The Water Club is located near the poker room and features numerous shops in the walkway to the front desk.

In addition to the hotel, Borgata also has a number of popular restaurants, including Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay’s steakhouse, among others. On weekends, you will find many middle-aged customers packing in The Borgata’s nightclubs.

Borgata online casino

Borgata runs its own Atlantic City online casino. Players must be in New Jersey to play on the site, but do not need to be actual New Jersey residents. The Borgata Online Casino features a poker room and casino games alike.

Players can play cash poker games, tournaments, and even satellites to live events. Borgata’s online casino offers exclusive promotions for new signups. View its homepage to see which promotions are currently active, as they change on a frequent basis.

Borgata is simply the best AC casino

There is little debate that Borgata is the premier casino in New Jersey. Since its inception in 2003, it has slowly taken more and more market share in Atlantic City.

It may not match up to its numbers from the Atlantic City heyday, but Borgata will always have a place in the East Coast gaming landscape.