Betfair NJ Is Cashing In On New Cash-Out Jackpots Slot Concept

Betfair NJ Is Cashing In On New Cash-Out Jackpots Slot Concept

Betfair NJ is bringing a new slot concept to its online casino which allows players a cash payout or a chance at a jackpot spin.

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Hitting the bonus in a slot game is always exciting. Finishing the bonus without a big win is depressing though.

Thanks to Betfair, there is a new way for New Jersey online casino players to approach jackpots. These new jackpots are called cash-out jackpots. They give players the opportunity to take their money and run rather than go for a big win.

How cash-out jackpots work

One of the games using the cashout jackpot format in New Jersey is Colossus Frac/pot. This Ancient Greek-themed game is a five-reel slot machine. Players trigger the bonus in the game by hitting two matching scatter symbols on the first two reels. Those scatter symbols are keys with the following colors:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

This part sounds like any other slot game. The next part is where things get innovative. The player’s first decision is whether to play the bonus or accept a cashout amount offered by the machine. It is kind of like a slots version of the game show Deal Or No Deal.

If they choose to play, the third reel spins. Players then can make another decision to cashout or continue. After the fourth reel, there is one more round of decisions. A player can cash in on the maximum win if they hit matching key symbols on all five reels.

Colossus Frac/pot debuted in Europe first

The game is new to New Jersey players. However, Colossus Frac/pot previously debuted in Europe. Sky Vegas online casino launched the product in 2015. Shortly after being introduced, the game went on to be the second-most popular game on the site for the quarter. Now Betfair is bringing it across the pond.

The NJ online casino is not doing it alone though. It has two partners in the endeavor.

One is Colossus Games, the creators of the cashout jackpot concept and the game Colossus Frac/pot. The other is one of the top online casino software companies in the industry, Game Account Network (GAN).

Tom O’Halleran, product director of GAN, spoke about the partnership in the press release announcing the game’s launch:

“Working with Colossus Bets to bring this new slot concept to the New Jersey market has been a great experience. Cash Out is a feature that puts control of the game in the players hands, letting them make choices while the reels are still spinning, driving player engagement and stickiness to have them coming back again and again.”

Based on Betfair’s in-house numbers, the engagement from customers on this new type of slot game is sky-high. The company claims 91 percent of players accept some form of cash-out offer when presented with the option. Customers feel like they are winning, and so do casinos, as there are fewer people vying for a giant jackpot.

Now it is a matter of seeing if the game catches on in New Jersey like it did in Europe. If so, there might be future cash-out jackpots on the horizon.